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Saturday, August 19, 2023

Nigeria political problem started from wards, local government — Prince Dr. Adedipe Ewenla 

The Genesis of our dear Nigeria country problems today started from the Wards and Local Government by the so called leaders for selection of delegates because of their personal interest instead of elected and that is the Genesis of PDP failure in Lagos 

Prince Amb (Dr) Adedipe Dauda Ewenla, Alimosho PDP chieftain Lagos 

Hon Prince Amb (Dr) Adedipe Dauda Ewenla, former PDP house of Representatives aspirant Alimosho Local Government Lagos explain 

The selected delegates will collect money from all the aspirants with the instructions of their leaders who selected them and later voted or produced a selected Candidate against the will of themselves and majority of the constituency and others aspirants will start working against the selected Candidate produced by selected delegates and they become aggrieve aspirants or members 

The Selected Candidate out of no choice will start looking for money to buy votes from poor people in his constituency or anywhere and he or she will later sell their houses cars some will even loan money from bank because he or she wants to buy votes from the people 

It will be very difficult to blame those who sell their votes because it is a selected candidate and his political party has collected enough money from him or her before he or she can be announced as their candidate although he is a selected Candidate or voted by selected delegates against the will of Majority that alone will make the candidate to spend a lot of money

Don't forget that anybody who was voted in for any position by selected delegates is also a selected candidate and that is the reason why integrity people need to join politics for better Nigeria 

The candidate will source for money either by borrowing or sell his Properties then start working on how to manipulate election results INEC POLICE ARMY DSS NSCDC EFCC COPPER will also collect their own including community leaders and after all Millions or billionaires of Naira he will be announced as a winner by INEC 

Then he or she will become selected below 👇at the end 
1. President
2. Governor
3. Senator
3. Representative
4. State of assembly
5. Local Government chairman
6. Councilor

My fellow Nigerians what did you expect from a selected person to do for the citizens of the country after spending such money and stress? if we need better Nigeria the move must start from wards and local Government everything is not. About our leadership but we citizens and grassroots add more problems.

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