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Sunday, March 10, 2024

OGIC Boss, Fashina Urges FG to address housing deficit through mortgage facility

To address the country's rising commodity prices and housing deficit, the federal government has been urged to implement mortgage facility in order to provide affordable homes for all Nigerians.

The CEO Olageospatial Global Investment Company (OGIC), Olajide Fashina made the appeal on Saturday while speaking with newsmen after his installation as Balogun Woro of Owu kingdom, Abeokuta Ogun state.

Fashina while bemoaning the current economy noted that the delivery of affordable homes can only be possible through mortgage facilities.

The registered Surveyor and transformational Nigerian Entrepreneur maintained that the country should imitate advanced countries where resident outrightly don't buy houses again rather uses credit facilities.

“ As a matter of fact affordable home is not possible what we should be looking at is mortgaging. If the governmentcan make morgage facilities available for the prople so that people can rent to own their house. As they are paying rent they are going to subtract some amount of money they need to pay. 

“ So that if one lives 10 years or 20 years in a place you would know that within those years the government has already made provision of that money for the realtor to build and whereby you are paying to the government to own the place.

“ So the government should do for the people asit is done in developed countries, people outrightly dont buy houses again they buy using credit facilities.

He also called for unity among the Egba’s stressing that the Lisabi festival is an opportunity for all to come together 

“ There is still a need to fosters unity among our people there’s no much difference between the communities that makes up Egba land. We are one family, we are one brothers so it is important to foster unity and this Lisabi festival gives us the opportunity once in a year to unite as one and identify with our heritage.

“ I think that is the most important thing that is seen at the 37th Lisabi festival. So what ever we are doing like the woro dance and celebration the most important thing and bottom line is how does it progress unity and how can this festival bring some indigenes of the egba land together. So that they can contribute and put their quota for the development of Egbaland. 

In Abeokuta, the Egba people annually honour Lisabi Agbongbo-Akala, their legendary warrior and liberator, during a week-long celebration known as Lisabi Day. 

This festival commemorates Lisabi's role in freeing the Egba people from servitude under the Oloyo.

Fashina embarked on this ceremonial journey, riding a white horse from Latasu Compound in Owu to the Oke Ago Owu the Palace of Olowu of Owu Kingdom HRM Saka Adeola Matemilola, and later paid homage to the Alake, the Paramount Ruler of Egba Land, Oba Adedotun Aremu Gbadebo, seeking blessings for another successful Lisabi Day Festival.

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