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Friday, September 8, 2023

Ogun Tribunal: Deliver Ogun state from Doom, Group Urges Judges

While the whole state are waiting earnestly for the date of the Ogun Election Tribunal Judgement,a group has called on the 3man panel of judges to save Ogun states from impeding doom by delivering the judgement that reflect the wish of the people.

PDP new generation through its Secretary Mr Ajibade Adesola has said that with the load evidences brought to court by Hon Dr ladi Adebutu of PDP, it clearly shown that PDP win the Elections with clear margin.

In the history of Ogun Elections,there has never been such clear evidences in any Election Tribunal.

It's a clear case devoid of any doubt,the Tribunal must ensure that the voice of Ogun people are heard and the wish of people are respected.

There is a looming doom if the Tribunal fails to deliver the right judgement, apart from the fact that the state is in the hand of incompetent people, the wrong judgement will also endanger democracy. 

We are appealing to the Tribunal judges to be bold and not to subject themselves to intimidation from any quarters,by this they will make themselves hero of democracy  

Judiciary is one of the footings that democracy stands and any wrong judgement at this time will further endanger democracy and turn our state into chaos and backwardness that its experiencing in the past few years ever since APC has taken over the leadership.

The judges should learn from Former President Goodluck Jonathan's atitude that make him hero of Democracy all over the world. 

We are very sure and the good people of Ogun state knows that they voted for Hon LADI Adebutu and 
the only thing the Judges can do is to respect the wishes of the people and be Hero.

We urging them to be sincere because it's the right thing to do to secure the future of their children and state  

Ogun state obviously cannot survive this kind of present leadership in the state in the next 3years,the state needs someone capable like Hon LADI Adebutu and PDP to deliver the state he said. 

Also,the group said that hardly we see any reasonable project commissioned by this Administration since inception, its a clear case of incompetence and failure.

Nothing is working in this state,the roads are bad,Helth sector is dead,workers are groaning,Agric sector too is dead among other bad signs within the state,these and more others are the reasons the good people of Ogun state rejected APC government lead by Prince Dapo Abioudun and its all shown in the votes cast by the people.

We are appealing to the Tribunal judges to be upright and be bold to stand by the truth as seen with the evidences displayed by PDO during the hearings,the group said.

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  1. Lad Adebutu won Ogun state clearly,Judges should announce him as the winner