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Monday, July 24, 2023

A Plea to Nigerians ; Tough times will not last — Sen Rilwan Adesoji Akanbi 

A Plea to Nigerians ; Tough times will not last

The Economic hardship the citizens are facing needs a cushion from all tiers of government.
The federation account allocation committee 
(FACC) said the amount shared was higher than the sum of N701.78 billion received in the previous month by N451.13 billion.
The Chairman Governors forum H.E Abdul Rahman Abdul Razaq of Kwara State pledged on behalf of his colleagues to work with the government of PBAT to reduce hardship effect caused by the removal of oil subsidy on the populace.

They have promised a synegy between all the three tiers of government to form a common goal in order to improve the standard of living for average Nigerians.
The cooperation given by local governments and State governments to the Federal Government has shown that there would be a strong bond between all the tiers of government.

The State governments should increase the numbers and also subsidized mass-transit buses to an affordable rate in order to help the populace.

The Nigeria Railway Corporation can equally make a reduction on the train fare.
A quick Palliative measures must come from the Federal government where everyone will benefit. The informal sector are vulnerable and they must be protected. And so a quick data must be generated in making sure that the Palliative measures meant to be distributed reached those in need. Especially vulnerable members of our society.

Thé agrement for an acceptable and reasonable minimum wage should be quickly decided between the Three tiers of government and the labour unions.
The Federal Government should earnestly bring a policy to revive the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME). This has capability of increasing cash liquidity of the sector and reduce unemployment.

We must commend Mr President for signing Student loan scheme act however the bottle-neck that may hinder the execution of this laudable act must be well taken care off.

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