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Monday, May 22, 2023

Nigeria Government Should Look More Into Entertainment Industry, DJ Natty Yo

What is your full names? Adebiyi Ayomikun Fuad 

Can you tell us about your family Background? I was born into a polygamous home, I stayed with my parent for a while but grew up with my maternal grand parent. 
Growing up with my brothers and uncle under same roof was fun and filled with diverse talents, which I took parts while we were together. 

Your educational background? I attended (Ansar Ud Deen Senior High School) Graduated 2016, Got admission to (National Open University of Nigeria) 2017 and now am in my final year.

What makes you choose DJ as a career?  I choose Djing because I have PASSION for it and I’m a music LOVER.

Do you have a training, where and with who? No, i trained myself at home and get more skill on YouTube.

Are your parents in support of you chosen DJ as a career? Yes

How was it starting out? What were the challenges you faced? The startup experience was rough, started doing dj when I was in Jss3 (2013) and my challenges was lack of equipment, getting dj equipment was not easy because they’re expensive which I couldn’t afford then. I could remember, I turned my dad's old school stereo amplifier to my learning equipment and I used his small speakers to play music for people during festive period, naming ceremonies and family parties.

Which notable events have you performed? Wedding, Club and Campus Shows. 

What's your favourite genre of music? Hip Pop Music 

What makes a good DJ? Good Equipments, being creative with beats and Good mixing transition. 

Your favourite DJ equipments? Dj player (Controller) 

Who are your role models? Dj Spinal, Dj Khalid and also Dj Maphorisa in South Africa 

What inspires you? Watching top djs performing at a concert that covers 10,000 - 20,000 guest capacity, the crowd turn up inspires me a lot. So, I said to myself I would be here someday doing same DJ.

How do you relax when you're not working? I listen to music and go for swimming but at times I find it difficult to relax because I always want to be at an event doing my job.

Your most memorable event you've played? I can’t list because I had several Concert shows, wedding and birthday party’s have played and it was lit 🔥 

DJs are known to be collaborating with artistes now to release songs. Do you have any songs out? Yes, I have a song out there featured king Hemjay Titled: Snap Epon Re and I still have some collaboration projects with some artists, Hypeman and top Djs also, yet to be out. 

Are you into MixTapes? How many have you released and what are their titles? I have a lot of mixtapes online( Lifestyle mixtape, Feel Good Mixtape, Machala Tha Mixtape and more.) Recently dropped a mixtape featuring Hypeman Ruby Titled: NSV (Non Stop Vibe)

Who do you look up to in the industry? (Dj Spinal) I Wants to be among the A list Djs in Nigeria and International.

If you are not a DJ what career would you have chosen? CORDWAINER that my second craft I learnt while i was in secondary school.

What your projection next 5-10yr ? I have a lot to do within that 5-10yrs HAVING MY OWN PERSONAL STUDIO, RECORDING, FEATURING SOME TOP ARTIST,GET A LOT OF HITS THAT WOULD GIVE ME MORE RECOGNITION, lay a good name for myself and want to be one of the best Nigeria dj and international…

Relationship between Djs and Artist ? They should be a good relation between djs, artists and I would include producers because they are the key. Each department as their role in the industry, so they be a strong relationship to make a good hit. 

As a young dj what do you think government should do about entertainment industry?  I want the government to look into entertainment because They’re a lot to do for the young talented coming up, they should create a platform for the entertainers where we can make productions, videos and other because the rate individual directors charge to make a video it’s not pleasing and I would like them to implies some rules and regulations to whatever they’re bringing to support the industry so everything would be in process in this entertainment industry…

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