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Saturday, June 12, 2021

JUNE 12: Ogunsola Salutes dwellers of Ogun State, Nigerians

The All Progressives Congress Chairmanship Candidate of Obafemi-Owode Local Government, Hon. Ogunsola Lanrewaju Adesina (O.L.A) has hailed people of OOLG and Nigerians on the commemoration of this year’s democracy day celebration, expressing optimism that with collective resolve by well-meaning Nigerians, the economic, security and other challenges confronting the nation will be surmounted and normalcy restored in the land.

In his goodwill message to Nigerians, that was made available to the Caveattimes News on Saturday, Hon. Ogunsola Lanrewaju Adesina , urged all Nigerians to continue to pursue those ideals and actions that would strengthen rather than undermine Democracy, stressing that Democracy remains the best form of government.
 Ogunsola, in his statement, he advised dwellers at OOLG and Nigerians respectively to  promote peace and unity amongst all and in the country Nigeria. 

He described the voyage of June 12 as 22 years of challenges and 22 years of hope that the country will get it right someday. 

noted that over this period, Nigerians had been able to maintain political stability, as well as to move a step further towards the strengthening of critical institutions that promote and support democratic governance.

 Recalled that a number of incidents capable of truncating the current democratic process raised its ugly head but Nigerians stood firm to ensure the survival of democracy. further urged those in authority and the intending ones most especially at the grassroots to build institutions of governance to sustain the Nigerian Democracy.
The Local government Chairmanship Candidate, Ogunsola opined that the tech cardinal principals of Democracy is transparency and inclusiveness, he also urged those in authority to imbibe the virtues. 

However reiterated his determination to play his constitutional role in the council for the benefit of his people.

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