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Friday, April 16, 2021

Stop Seeing Women In Politics As Prostitutes, 100 Women Lobby Group Warns Public

General public has been warned to stop seeing women in Politics as prostitute which it was tagged as a wrong notion.

This appealed was made during a radio tour by the 100 Women Lobby Group held at Sweet FM 107.1 (Ayekooto)  radio programme in Abeokuta Ogun State capital.

The guests, Mrs. Felica Onibon, the National Coordinator 100 Women Lobby Group and the Assistant South West Coordinator 100 Women Lobby Group – Mrs. Foluke Ademokun.  

Other members in attendance are Mrs. Sandra Oladele, Mrs. Princess Hamman-Obels, Mrs. Kafayat Amosu-Olaribigbe and Prof. Mrs. Olubunmi Ashimolowo.

The perspectives of the public on women in politics were discussed where Mrs. Ademokun described the fact that the society often see women in politics as prostitutes, which she said it's a wrong notion. 

On how to encourage more women in politics, the two guests noted that the society is now more knowledgeable on the activities and strength of women.

According to them, this came out clearer during covid -19 epidemic. Due to the impacts made at the global and national level during this period, more women are coming out to occupy leadership positions.

The host who asked "On whether it is true that women are ready for leadership, will the men allow them, as previous attempts to occupy presidential position failed in the Country?. 

In her response, the National Coordinator 100 Women Lobby Group noted that women are interested in presidential and other positions. They are already coming out and indicating interest. She canvassed on mounting up support to encourage more women’s involvement in politics."

She added that "There is also a need to correct impressions that women should not talk when men talk, women do all the cooking while men embark on education or undertake high level discussions. This was the form of socialization prior to now. All these facts were noted to have affected the low level of women in politics and invariably leadership."

"Certain believes also were noted to have influenced women negatively and affected their psyche in not voting for their fellow women as she was being taught that it is wrong for women to lead."

The two guests  therefore solicited for the need to create awareness in earnest on the fact that women can perform nicely, just like the male counterparts."

Questions on whether women are ready, and what they have been doing to indicate their readiness, the guests noted that women are very much ready to occupy leadership positions". 

"They emphasized that soon, Nigeria would witness women leading in many spheres of life. They made reference to the fact that this was almost realized in Taraba State. Efforts would continue to be geared towards realizing women leadership in positions."

It was however noted by the moderator that in 2007, Nigeria saw a woman emerged as the Speaker of the House of Representatives, but women loss that seat at the end of the day". 

Is culture and religion a factor in leadership in Nigeria, as some Northerners might not be supportive of women in leadership."

While asking how do women go about with the needed sensitization.

"In their analysis, the guests noted that the reason why the Female Speaker failed  was that women were not supportive as they wondered why she misbehaved in the first instance (as a woman)."

Mrs Ademoku however noted that God created males ad females equally, and no one is superior to the other. In her submissions, she indicated that religion does not stop women from taking up leadership position, as women now play footballs which was initially against the culture.

They guests noted that women handle domestic chores like taking care of the children, carrying pregnancies and other household chores. They need to be e motivated to put all these strengths into nation building, including leadership. 

"If women are giving opportunities to become leaders, they would pay attention to matters that matters most to women and children than a man would."

In concluding, the guests encouraged all listeners to support the truth, which is involvement of more women in leadership. They called for equality in the access of both men and women to leadership.

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