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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Ogun APC Receives 100 Women Lobby Group, Promises More Space for Women In Politics

The All Progressives Congress APC in Ogun State have promised to provide more space for women in Politics adding that women needs to come around for the party to support them.  

This was disclosed in a chat with the National 100 Women Lobby Group Advocacy when the team played an host to Ogun APC Secretariat located at Iyana mortuary, Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria. 

The State Chairman of APC, Chief Yemi Sanusi  who spoke through the Secretary APC Mr. Ayo Olubori  apologized for the absence of the State APC Leader, Chief Yemi Sanusi. 

He reiterated the fact that Ogun State had always been addressing women’s inclusion in the State. 

He cited the fact that ministerial appointments were made to women in the past, coupled with the fact that the current Deputy Governor of the State is a woman.

He concluded by saying that the State had demonstrated the concept of more space for Women. He canvassed on the need for men to rest, but insisted that standards need to be maintained and so, standards will not be compromised.  

He promised on behalf of the Party that women would be supported in all ramifications.

Mrs. Felicia Onibon eulogized the natural capacity of women as well at their academic and ;leadership capacities. 

They had shown a great strength handling family affairs and helping the community and the government with a range of activities. 

 According to Mrs. Onibon, her Team came to Ogun State to solicit for more inclusive party laws on 35% affirmative action, judging at the strength and the capacity of women and what they can bring to the State. It’s time to encourage men and women to work together and contribute significantly to the growth of the society.  

There is therefore a need for an inclusive government to enable us derive maximum benefits from the strength offered by the two genders. 

She further highlighted that other states look up to Ogun State in governance judging from the various past achievements of many distinguished female leaders across the state such as Chief Mrs. Funmilayo Ransome Kuti.  

She stressed the strength possessed by Chief Mrs. Ransome-Kuti who fought for taxation, inclusive government for all. She further highlighted that there are many Ransome-Kuti waiting to be chosen. 

This would invariably affect the collective good of the society positively, as many women work as entrepreneurs, industrialists, caregivers and many more.  

She prayed for the creation of more space for women for Ogun State to be transformed to an enviable height. She made known the fact that women had performed well and taken advantage of opportunities offered to them in the past by performing exceptionally well. 

A member of the National Team, Princess Hamman-Obels stressed the need for actions and having 35% women in leadership at all levels in the State. 

The Women Leader, Mrs. Adigun Aminat noted the positive response from Secretary of APC, Mr. Olubori Ayo and labeled him as “Women Ambassador” in the State. 

The National Leader of 100 Women Lobby Group reliably informed the group that come 6th April, 2021, the National Team would be visiting the Governor. There is therefore a need for the State leader and the Women Leader to join the Team. 

The Deputy Chairman for APC therefore advised that women need to come around for the party to support them.  

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