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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

100 Women Lobby Group Visits Iyabo Apampa, Pledges Her Support for The Group

Former Chairman,  Ogun-Osun River Basin Board, Mrs Iyabo Apampa has pledged her support for the 100 Women Lobby Group saying that she will not hesitate to answer them anytime she's called upon.

Mrs Apampa made this known when the group paid a courtesy call in her residence at Kuforiji, along Adigbe Road, Abeokuta the Ogun State capital.

Mrs Apampa who commended the efforts of 100 women lobby group, said women leadership around the world has been very progressive and found emulating having Britain and Liberia as examples.

Mrs Felicia Onibon, the National Coordinator shared briefly the activities and engagement of the hub following a request of the State Coordinator in person of Professor Olubunmi Ashimolowo to Mrs Apampa for her willingness to be a godmother to women who would be taking up roles for election or appointment.

Mrs Apampa while responding said  she has always been a firm supporter for several women and will continue to but funding has always played a major role in this factor and the men understand and utilities this opportunity to oppress the other gender and even the present economy of the country is a disadvantage.

She added that regardless of this, each time she is opportuned to be in a meeting or gathering where men seems to be more and are sidelining women, she challenges them and tells them that "If you deny women today, how will your daughter rise to leadership position in the future".

Professor Olubunmi Ashimolowo noted that in the observation of funding being an issue to a women in taking up leadership roles in politics. The group has decided to raise funds through every available means particularly individual donations to help support.

Mrs Apampa encouraged the team once more and pledge her support anytime she's called upon.

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