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Sunday, January 3, 2021

I am partnering Splash Estate to build a community of fans, live with them in Ogun - Lateef Adedimeji

Popular Nollywood Actor, Lateef Adedimeji has said he is partnering Splash Estate limited to build a community where he will live with his fans. 

He added that his choice of Splash estate was his discovery of the realtors credibility and integrity in business over the years.

Adedimeji said this on Saturday during the unveiling of the Omoluabi house and the Omoluabi Oladimeji estate in Kobape area of Abeokuta in Ogun state. 

He explained that his Estate, Adedimeji Lateef estate has 100 plots of land, and each land would be sold for the sum of N500, 000 but with an opportunity of an installment payment arrangement after an initial payment of N100,000. 

"They have got the credibility, that's one thing that is important in every business, when you see people sticking to their words that's credibility, they have it. I have known splash estate for some times

"When credibility meets credibility it becomes something important, is more like when two great minds meets and definitely something greater is going to come out of it, this is me away from my theatre world, also investing and getting something done in the real estate world is not bad idea. 

For  me having real estate and bringing people to join me is not bad idea and it's an avenue for me to have a link with all my fans and know more about our selves. they have access to you and the right to ask you question one on one. 

"This is about 100plots that is in Adedimeji Lateef Estate for now, who knows if we finish on time we can move to a face 2 but right now it is just 100 plot, a plot is for N500,000 and you can actually spread your payment, if you have N100,000 you can get your allocation and spread the rest within 6 months and you have become a landlord and my neighbor in the  estate."

Meanwhile, the chairman of Splash Estate, Mr Victor Eniola-Mark, said the partnership with the popular actor was to make more people acquire lands and own property.

Mark stressed that the real estate company will be unveiling more partnership with credible organizations and individuals. 

He said, "we are partnering with Lateef, we have been friends for some time but he was an ambassador to another estate company which expired in December, it's a new year what can we do, we feel let your fans and people who love you own a house, how can you make that possible, In case they don't have the money at once pay, people can pay in installment, let them also pay in bit, that was what led to Omoluabi/lateef Adedimeji Estate it is for people who love him.

“ That is why we also have in the estate Mrs Oyinjobi (Iya Osogbo ) who has also been with us for some times, the thing is to let every body have a land of their own even if they don't have the money at once they can pay N100,000 and spread the money for 6 months and own a land.

"We are happy that people trust us with their money and they trust the brand like you said in a month we launch one, now we are launching another one in a few weeks we are launching with JCI too, so we are happy people are trusting the brand and it reminds us the need to remain Omoluabi that we are, we are known for integrity and Quality, it is also a way to let people know exactly where we are now, a place that is easily accessible "

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