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Sunday, July 7, 2024

Visa Denial: Romaric Boco Accuses French Embassy of Systematic Racism

Africa is still tied to the apron strings of the so-called developed countries across the world. And this is evident in the unfair treatment of Africans seeking visas to Europe and other destinations around the globe. 

And one is exempted from this humiliation - from business people to students, tales abound across the African continent about humiliation suffered by African visa applicants in the hands of foreign embassies. 

The latest victim of the second-class treatment of Africans is Romaric Boco, a France-based show promoter and founder of the One Benin Fiesta, one of the largest show production companies licensed by the Ministry of Culture of the French Republic. 

Despite his reputation as one of the registered show promoters in France, Boco is having a really tough time in getting visas for artistes billed to perform at his One Benin Fiesta show scheduled for July 6, 2024.

According to Boco, the headline artist for the One Benin Fiesta is Small Doctor who is expected in France alongside others including a Disc Jockey (DJ) and others. To his utter shock, the artistes were denied visas according to the French Embassy because "they have reasonable doubts as your intention to leave France after the show". 

But according to Boco, the ground for the visa rejection is laughable. 

Apart from being a household name in France, the headline artist, Small Doctor is not a small fry in the African entertainment scene. So, there's no basis for any suspicions about the artistes returning to their base after the show.

Providing relevant documents to back up his claims, Boco said that he followed due process. And did everything that was required by the French Embassy.

Narrating his ordeal, the disappointed show promoter alleged that he lost a lot of money after investing heavily on the show including payment of deposit for the show venue and other expenses. Now, he has been forced to postpone the show to the end of August, 2024. 

Besides being a platform for the promotion of cultural diversity, the proceeds from the tour is used for the One Benin Zero Poverty project, an initiative promoting entrepreneurship in Africa and the fight against illegal immigration of young people in West Africa. 

Boco also urged African leaders to step up efforts in reducing the high rate of unfair visa rejection by foreign embassies.

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