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Indigenes of Agboro at Obafemi area, in Obafemi-Owode Local Government has alleged the Olu Obafemi Land, Oba Taofeek Owolabi Kayode of land grabbing and extortion in the villages therein.

This was made at the press conference staged at Agboro village square measured about 1 kilometer to Obafemi area where the representative of the elders in the villages, Chief Olatunde Sunday rolled out the damages and havoc  in which the Oba has caused in the neighborhood.

Speaking on behalf of the members of the communities present at the press conference, Chief Olatunde said dwellers in the community has been under siege of conspirators sent by Olu Obafemi; Oba Taofeek Owolabi to scare them from their inherited land possessed by their fore fathers
Further said the alleged Oba Taofeek Owolabi is not from any of the villages that surround Agboro village neither his fore fathers had a farmland in the area; that the present Olu Obafemi land, Oba Taofeek Owolabi direct ancestors are from Isan village. Stated that the ancestral landowners of the encroached land are: Olatunde, Olorode, Adeola, Akero, Agbelu and Sagalu in which there co-existence began and dated to 1830 where peaceful cohabitation is evident not until Oba came in to terrorizing the ancestral land.

One of the youths who dwell in the village, Mr Oludotun Adeboye submitted that the emergence of the alleged Oba in Obafemi Land has resulted to disturbance of civic peace, that the Oba has taken over 500 Acres of land from them which belong to different offsprings in the area, therefore  recounted his ordeal with the land grabbers sent by Kabiesi that they almost kill him when he spotted them in his fore fathers' lands, however pleaded with the paramount ruler of Egbaland, Oba Dr  Adedotun Aremu Gbadebo, Governor of Ogun State, Prince Dapo Abiodun and Obafemi Owode Local Government Chairman, Ambassador Ogunsola Adesina Lanre to swiftly meddle in into the matter before it will become a disaster, said the alleged Kabiesi is now brick-fencing their lands.

In reaction to allegations, Olu Obafemi Land, Oba Taofeek Owolabi while the caveattimes online newspaper corespondent visited him in his Palace in Obafemi vehemently disagree the accusation cooked against him but letting the correspondent of the caveattimes newspaper to know that his fore fathers were the founder of the villages that possession of lands belong to the Oba that reign in the axis. Added that those who clamouring for the land therein are fake politicians and they are not indigenes of the villages equally challenged them to prove the documents of the lands or take him to court

The Oluwo Ijeun who also doubles as the Oluwo of Egbaland, Chief Adeboye Adeyemi while visited him in his House in Abeokuta buttressed on the matter that the Kabiesi fore fathers are not from  Agboro or villages around, that the ancestral village of Olu Obafe land is from Isan village about 4 miles to Odo Ijesha in Kajola Ward 9. Said he is from Isan village too and Olu Obafemi land, Oba Taofeek Owolabi is his cousin.

Oluwo of Ijeun, according to him, said "regards to my title in Ijeun Land and Egbaland, my responsibilities are to ensuring peace in the land, every Baale and Olu Oba is under Oluwo; so Olu Obafemi land is under me, and his traditional authorities do not extend to other villages but Obafemi Land", Oluwo Ijeun stated.

Oluwo Ijeun, Chief Adeboye thereafter implored the affected lineage landowners to be patient that in a quick time all would be resolved.

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