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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Jofunmi Foundation Organizes Children's Day Celebration For Children in Ogun

The Jofunmi Loving Heart Foundation, based in Ogun State, has advised parents to demonstrate love and care towards their children from a young age, despite economic hardships. The foundation emphasized that neglecting to celebrate children, especially on significant days like Children's Day, can have adverse psychological effects, leading them to feel unloved and marginalized by society. This neglect can contribute to increased crime rates as these children grow older.

The foundation highlighted a common misconception among parents that their primary responsibility is limited to providing food. They stressed the importance of recognizing children's rights to education and recreation. The foundation also pointed out the necessity for parents to be attentive to their children's emotional and psychological needs, encouraging open communication to prevent negative influences from peers.

During the 2024 Children's Day celebration in the "hard-to-reach community" of Oladotun in Abeokuta North Local Government Area, Olusola Ojo, the Foundation's Project Coordinator, conveyed concerns about the rising teenage pregnancy rates in Ogun State. Ojo attributed this trend to inadequate parenting and called for stricter penalties for parents whose neglect leads to their children becoming teenage parents.

The foundation warned that poor parenting exposes children to early sexual activities, resulting in pregnancies at very young ages. This situation, if left unaddressed, could exacerbate insecurity, as young and unprepared parents often abandon their responsibilities, leading to a cycle of societal instability.

To address these issues, the foundation urged the National Assembly to introduce laws mandating quality parenting and to ensure the effective enforcement of existing Child Protection Laws. They also called for improved sexual education in schools to compensate for parental shortcomings, suggesting that educating children about their rights and protections would empower them to better navigate societal challenges.

At the event, which entertained 400 children with food, games, and gifts, Ojo outlined the foundation's efforts to support communities through education, scholarships, entrepreneurial initiatives, and healthcare improvements. She also addressed the issue of over 10 million out-of-school children in Nigeria, urging the government to faithfully implement the Universal Basic Education (UBE) policy. Neglecting this policy, Ojo warned, would result in rebellion among neglected children, who may eventually retaliate against a government that has failed them.

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