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Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Oladunjoye: Ijebu East APC Ward Affirms Indefinite Suspension

The ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) Ijebu East local government, Itele ward has reaffirmed its indefinite suspension of Tunde Oladunjoye, exposing his attempts to manipulate and deceive the public with fabricated screenshots and false claims. 

In a statement and copy of document gathered, the ward leadership hinted that the ward remains resolute in its decision, citing Oladunjoye's unconstitutional actions and violations of party rules. 

It was noticed that since the courageous action of APC ITELE WARD at its meeting that led to the indefinite suspension of TUNDE OLADUNJOYE and Mr Sharafa Oduntokun, he has been seen to be running from pillar to post.

One will be shocked about the way he has been trailing, blackmailing, and also threatening party stalwart, which was seen in the evident recorded video of his suspension. 

Hence, Tunde OLADUNJOYE has been in everyone’s neck due to the fact that, he has nothing else doing than politics. You can never see any investment, nor tangible source of income than his coverup journalism that can only thrive through influenced by political influence and affiliations.

Tunde OLADUNJOYE was noticed to have been pressurizing everyone, including the local government party chairman from backend, not knowing that an ordinary conversation can not be termed as official act. As a matter of fact, his shivery unconstitutional moves has no democratic mandate nor meaning to APC Itele ward.

At first, Tunde OLADUNJOYE thought his deceitful and wrong quote of APC party constitution will be enough to deceive and deter the ward from standing firm on his indefinite suspension, but when he realized that the ward came prepared with the right steps of the party constitution, his mind shook, and he resulted into another tactics.

Secondly, when he realized that his initial abracadabra was revealed and blown open, he resulted to pressurizing different quarters and authorities including the local government party chairman, and screen shot a conversation as an official statement. 

We laugh to his comedic moves! It shows his level of unlearned tactics and attitude.

Let it be known to the suspended Tunde OLADUNJOYE, Mr Sharafa Oduntokun, their cohorts, keypad warriors, and couple with their political abracadabra and tactics that APC ITELE WARD 7 took due diligence in taking necessary steps to suspend them officially and an official statement and notification has been passed to necessary authorities and quarters.

Any unofficial, and concocted screenshots from any group conversation what so ever, claiming a dismissal to the ward decision is null and void!

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