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Sunday, March 3, 2024

Why Mr. President, Bola Ahmed Tinubu Should Not Make Transfers

Mr. President, I read the intention or, perhaps a conclusive arrangement to move the basic capital interest of the Humanitarian Ministry to Finance. If this be true, Mr. President, I have an objection and do assume majority of our citizens would reasonably admit that the movement or,  proposal to move a most sensitive structure in the Humanitarian Ministry is needlessly unnecessary. However, the Social Investment Programme is the core definition and fulcrum for such Ministry aimed at assessing, evaluating and critically solving problems identified and significantly assuaging or, alleviating poverty; remodelling & remodifying hopes for the vulnerable people of Nigeria who of course are disadvantaged by poorly managed governance in time past.

What accounts for failure is not the impossible task to get situations remedied. Rather, it is the will power to apparently or, constructively engage people with the right conscience to do justice when appointed to man a Ministry or, any similar call or, cause for service. Unfortunately, the character and composition of these individuals, their tastes and appetites differ largely from the objective of such (assignment) Ministry established for a specific role and purpose. These purposes are not limited to distribution of goodies, cash & valuable items otherwise necessaries as lawyers will say. The Ministry is to meet the immediate needs of vulnerable citizens and the primary objective must as such be implemented towards the same goal. A Ministry of such nature are for men of good conscience. Otherwise, how could one explain a 36year old lady, Beta Edu who although on suspension, making transfers and diverting funds to privies, allies and cronies. A Ministry with a clear-cut mandate & disposition to limit poverty or, where possible eradicate hunger and low self esteem occasioned by vulnerable circumstances wherein the dignity of human persons and other fundamental rights enshrined in chapter Four of the 1999 Constitution (as amended) are grossly violated hence the need for such Ministry to not only pacify but also give hope to vulnerable people especially those who suffer negligence excused by obvious ignorance. (This is not to isolate the importance of Chapter Two of the same 1999 Constitution where of course, Economic & Social rights are made non justiciable hence unenforceable except & unless legislated by the National & State Assembly and made justiciable. ..)

This is the same Ministry that has suddenly become a conduit pipe for heartless individuals who not only breached the policy statement of the Ministry but also committed offence against humanity. Crime against humanity is therefore not limited to Murder, Slavery or, bloodletting et al. It also extend beyond the caprice of sanctimonious attitude, character and posture. Not even a Pastor or, Iman could reasonably deliver and remain deliberate in discharging the responsibilities of the Ministry's budget. Except and unless a man of good conscience who's not gluttonous and driven by material benefits may be useful in cursory approach to deliver on the Ministry's objectives.

Consequently, it must be noted more copiously that the Ministry only suffered mistrust and not entirely wronged to incubate Social Investment Programmes. Nothing, therefore, should warrant or, justify transferring the fulcrum of the Ministry to Finance under Mr. Wale Edun. This proposition is not only wrong but also defeats the basic reasons why the Ministry was initially informed and established by the administration of President Muhammad Buhari GCFR and had it tested under the Vice President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo shortly before the Tinubu administration. There's nothing wrong with the structure, and composition of the Humanitarian Ministry. Rather, I challenge President Bola Ahmed Tinubu (aka Emilokan) to get the right hands on the plough. People of good conscience like Professor Isak Bello who reformed his sphere of influence having been appointed by President Muhammad Buhari during his reign. 

Dear President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, I under the current situation & circumstance under your watch. The challenge & expectation of leadership, especially your most recent admission of facts; To not only take responsibility but apparently seeking seeking understanding from the good people of Nigerian citizens while giving assurances to 
renew our hopes. While I wish you the very best, it is my believe and prayer that you stumble on men of good conscience who can jointly pilot the affairs of Nigeria with you. Men who are not material driven or, given to frivolous and flippant excuses to undermine expectation from our collective service to humanity. 

Mr. President, I admit from your days as Lagos Governor in 1999 that you verily know leadership is a serious business and may Almighty Allah grant you the wisdom to take decisive and reasonable actions to benefit mankind and humanity. Remember,

Olasumbo Faseesin, Esq
Conscience Conscious Youth Patriots
Public Interest Advocate 

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