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Saturday, March 16, 2024

Fact Check: Ibrahim Dende Egungbohun - Licensed Importer and Exporter, Not a Smuggler

Recent investigations have conclusively determined that Ibrahim Dende Egungbohun, also known as Dende, is not involved in any illicit activities related to smuggling contraband goods. As a licensed importer and exporter, he has maintained this esteemed status for several years, demonstrating his commitment to conducting legitimate business operations. 

Dende's strong affiliations with the federal government can be attributed to his unwavering support for his constituents and his notable philanthropic endeavors. His dedication to uplifting Nigerian musicians, artisans, and even his engagement with the United Nations have garnered recognition. It is evident that his passion for the well-being of humanity is truly commendable. 

In light of the allegations raised by Soyombo through the Foundation of Investigative Journalism (FIG), a comprehensive examination was conducted by radio presenter Adedeji Ademuyiwa Kokoro Oro. The examination unequivocally revealed that the claims against Ibrahim Egungbohun are unfounded and misleading. It was discovered that the investigative journalist failed to conduct rigorous research, instead relying on assumptions and colluding with individuals who hold adversarial positions towards Egungbohun, with the intention of defaming his character.

Furthermore, a report published by Amebo Newspapers NG has shed light on the orchestrated nature of the campaign against Ibrahim Egungbohun. It is evident that certain individuals close to him feel threatened by his exceptional success in legitimate business ventures, which has propelled him beyond their reach and influence.

We strongly urge the general public to disregard any false information pertaining to Ibrahim Egungbohun. Our comprehensive investigation has unequivocally established that the allegations against him were contrived and sponsored with malicious intent, aiming to undermine his reputation by any means necessary.

Based on the evidence and findings, we confidently state that the information presented by Soyombo on the mentioned page is baseless and lacks any credibility in tarnishing Ibrahim Egungbohun's character. It is crucial to emphasize that Dende harbors no political ambitions and remains steadfastly focused on his professional responsibilities. Those involved in tarnishing his reputation should consider the potential consequences to their own political aspirations in the upcoming election. It is imperative that personal rivalries and ambitions should not be exploited as a means to unjustly target individuals such as Dende.

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