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Saturday, February 24, 2024

Ecomium As Dr. Vanessa Idada Adds Another Year In Style

Encomium is pouring in for Vanessa Nosakhare Idada in recognition of her many years of humanitarian service, leadership, and enthusiastic contribution of her resources to charitable ventures, Vanessa Nosakhare Idada, founder of Vankol Homes and Support Services is so deserving of all the accolades in the world. Idada who is also the brain behind Safe Haven foundation, a non-profit charity organization has played a key role in the advancement of humanity. She has continued to shine her light on humanity. Idada has also been a tremendous asset to the philanthropy world. Through her Vankol Homes and Support Services, Idada has restored hope to humanity through her many acts of kindness. She is synonymous with kindness. A humanitarian of note who never hesitates to lend a helping hand, Idada is always looking for new ways to uplift the poor and helpless. Through Idada's hundreds have been empowered to live in a decent life. With a handful of people in the United Kingdom, UK, courtesy of Idada's Vankol Homes' generosity.

And epitome of beauty and brains, Idada boasts an enviable educational credentials. Idada earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSc) in July 2003. She later bagged a Bachelors of Law Degree, L.L.B (Jon's) from the University of East London in 2010. She stepped up her educational qualifications with a Masters Degree in International Law and World Economy (L.L.M) from the University of East London. She became a Barrister at Law (BL) in June 2019 after the successful completion of her programme at the Nigerian Law School in Abuja. A first class brain, Idada covered herself in glory during her stint at Sowers and King Legal Practice where she held the position of Associate Counsel/Due Diligence. Idada represented clients in litigation and drafted legal documents. She was also saddled with the responsibility of reviewing contract documents attending legal conferences and recording proceedings and so on. She also worked directly with attorney to track and follow up on projects, prepared confidential and complex documents and handled data entry. She carried out her duties credibly at Sowers and King Legal Practice.

At Almond Media London, Idada brought her spirit of excellence to bear in her role as Project Manager/Business Analyst between November 2017 to March 2019. She exceeded stakeholders' expectations by designing innovative strategies and plans. She was also in the thick of action where she conducted needs and risks assessment to identify support that needed to promote independence. She also developed and executed appropriate communications plans for employee communication, engagement team, and external communications teams. Idada built a solid relationship with clients internal teams to examine client's business requirements and processes. She also developed easy-to-understand data and process models for attaining client's business requirements. In her current role as Case Manager/Personal Advisor at Kent County Council, Kent, Idada has continued her giant strides. She is saddled with the responsibility to deliver pro-active support to the children that are taken into care and reached the age of 18 to increase abilities regarding employment, education, training, and apprenticeship. Her job include executing overall functions of legal status hearing to facilitate the young persons to attend Tribunals, and participate in the appeal process, by ensuring that information is sufficiently gathered and working closely with the Barristers representing the case for a desirable outcome of the matter. Her highlight include established pathway plan in accordance with Care Leavers Act 2000 Legislation ss. 19 - 24 to identify interim goals and longer-term future needs of the young people while realizing the ambitions. Idada's accomplishments amongst others include providing solid reasons behind high-cost placement of young person needs by plotting detailed research, for instance, accommodation needs costing the Local Authority more than 100,000 pounds per annum. Idada also played a key role at Hestia Housing Project London, a mental health services as Project Manager between 2010 to 2013. Her contributions include assessed client mental health issues by conducting general assessment and risk assessment of clients. Her role also include minimizing the risks by identifying and drawing risk assessment support plan and so much more.

No doubt, Idada has carved an enviable niche for herself both in her calling and philanthropy. A thoroughbred professional, Idada is a team player with strong reputation for excellence, integrity, dependability and the rare gift to multi-task under intense pressure. Her foray include expertise in building and managing teams internationally including the transformation of the roles and responsibilities keen in understanding of business priorities. Idada's skills set include strategic planning and monitoring, business intelligence and development, project management, sales planning and marketing, strategic planning and forecasting, budget planning and monitoring and configuration management and risk management, data model diagrams, work flow diagrams and agile methodologies.

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