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Thursday, February 22, 2024

Alanquadri Investment Boss, Amodemaja Adeboye Preaches Hope, Positivity On His Birthday

Life is on the upward curve for Amodemaja Adeboye, the compassionate philanthropist and chief executive officer (CEO) of Alanquadri Investment Nigeria Limited, a prosperous privately-owned Nigerian company with interests in key sectors of the Nigerian economy. For Amodemaja, it has been a story of onward and upward. His business has continued to thrive despite the economic hardship troubling the soul of Nigeria. All is well on the home front, too. The high-flying businessman had a reason to celebrate yesterday. Amodemaja turned another year older in style. What a privilege to welcome another year full of grace in the land of the living. Expectedly, Amodemaja's in a good mood at the moment. It's a special event because it comes once in a year.

But Amodemaja wasn't in the mood for a lavish celebration to mark the milestone. Better known for his philanthropic heart, Amodemaja opted for a low-key celebration due to the current economic crisis in the country. Reflecting on the current economic realities in the country; Amodemaja decided to reach out to the less privileged in honour of his special day. Disturbed by the increasing hardship in the land, Amodemaja apart from his philanthropic gestures has urged Nigerians not to lose hope due to the economic crisis in the country. In his birthday media chat, the successful businessman encouraged his compatriots to exercise a little more patience for the government of President Bola Tinubu to get the country out of the woods. Commending Nigerians for their resilience and patience, Amodemaja said there's light at the end of the tunnel. He said hope is on the horizon. And that this hardship shall pass, too.

A distinguished member of Nigeria's business community. Under his guidance, Alanquadri Investment Nigeria Limited has grown in leaps and bounds. Described as a brilliant businessman, Amodemaja's success is rooted in his commitment to excellence and integrity. He has built a strong reputation for excellence. His company, Alanquadri, under his leadership became synonymous with quality and credibility. Today, Alanquadri Investment is one of Nigeria's leading private companies providing job opportunities for hundreds of Nigerians in the private sector. Amodemaja's Alanquadri has interests in livestock farming, plantation, agriculture and so much more. Beyond his business prowess, Amodemaja is famous for his philanthropy championing various empowerment initiatives aimed at lifting his people out of poverty.

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