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Wednesday, January 3, 2024

Accurratte Hommes Int'l Sets a New Standard in Real Estate, Unveils a Magnificent Hotel Masterpiece in Ogun

By: Saheed Adeola 

Accurratte Hommes International, a leading real estate company in the city of Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital has recently completed a massive hotel construction project that is turning heads in the state. 

This remarkable achievement showcases their commitment to excellence and innovation in the world of real estate and hospitality. 

The Managing Director of Accurratte Hommes Intl, Amb. Olalekan Egbetola who spoke to journalists about the company's achievements and the challenges facing realtors in the country, he highlighted the good values of credibility, trust, and quality in their service delivery.

The young and vibrant CEO of Accurratte Hommes Intl. hinted about the company's Eight-year existence and its stellar track record, he said building such a solid foundation over the years has undoubtedly earned his numerous connections to clients both at home and in the Diaspora.

His words "As we stand on the brink of our eighth year in operation since our establishment in 2016, our journey has been a rich tapestry woven with both triumphs and challenges, shaping us into a resilient force within the ever-evolving real estate industry.

"Accurratte Hommes International has emerged as a versatile entity, specializing in a myriad of services that span the spectrum of real estate. From real estate consulting, construction, business development, involving the intricacies of buying and selling, to property management and construction, our portfolio is a testament to our commitment to excellence and comprehensive client satisfaction."

Amb. Egbetola hinted that recently, he achieved a major milestone by completing a magnificent hotel masterpiece for one of his UK clients in the city of Abeokuta, saying that it's a remarkable achievement and testament to the expertise and craftsmanship of Accurratte Hommes Intl. 

According to him "Reflecting on our trajectory, the recent milestones achieved by Accurratte Hommes International are notable. Our endeavors include the successful completion of a landmark hotel with a service apartment, commissioned by a discerning UK client.

Additionally, just of recent in another location in Abeokuta, we also completed another project, a mini lounge and a car wash, strategically positioned alongside a major road in Abeokuta, showcasing our dedication to both commercial and residential projects.

"These accomplishments, totaling over five hundred million naira, underscore our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional results even in the face of challenges."

"Looking forward, our vision extends beyond conventional business success. We are set to launch a non-governmental organization (NGO) that aims to empower the local community. This initiative aligns with our belief in the transformative power of real estate and technology. By collaborating with tech companies like Luminous and Membrane Solutions, we aspire to offer opportunities in data analysis, web design, and various other tech-related fields."

He said "Accurratte Hommes International isn't merely a builder of structures; it's an architect of positive change. Our commitment to uplifting the community is evident in our inclusive approach, catering to individuals across different social classes. We recognize the importance of real estate as a tool for wealth creation, and our plans for the year underscore this, emphasizing accessibility even on modest budgets."

"In navigating the intricacies of the industry, our team remains at the forefront of innovation and professionalism. Comprising architects, size providers, structural engineers, and other dedicated staff, our collective expertise ensure that we not only meet but exceed client expectations. Moreover, our commitment to legal compliance is unwavering, positioning us as a responsible and trustworthy entity in the state where we operate."

"To summarize, Accurate Hommes International stands as a beacon of growth and positive impact. Our journey is marked by continuous improvement, not only in business operations but also in positively influencing the lives of individuals and communities we proudly serve. As we look towards the future, our commitment to excellence remains steadfast, and our impact on the real estate landscape continues to unfold."


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47, Opposite Federal Mortgage Bank, Quarry Road, Abeokuta, Ogun State

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