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Saturday, December 23, 2023

As Prince Mafe Becomes 2nd Onisin, Sons, Daughters of Ilusin Applaud Decision

After a round of traditional rights, Prince (Alhaji) Jimoh Abimbola Mafe has been announced the 2nd Onisin of Ilusin after the selection process conducted by the Onisin kingmakers amidst wide celebrations over the choice of the new traditional ruler.

In celebration of the announcement, sons  and daughters of Ilusin gathered joyously to the emergence of Prince Mafe as the new Onisin of Ilusin and his elevation to the traditional leadership institution in the land.

While praying for a long and eventful reign for the new Onisin, the people of Ilusin expressed hope that the new monarch would deploy his tremendous skills and rich understanding of traditional institution to promote peace and stability in Ilusin, Ogun-Waterside LG, and Ogun State as a whole.

One of the sons of Ilusin, who simply introduced himself as Olusesi, said that Prince Abimbola Mafe represents the desires of the people, who waited patiently for the announcement to be made.

The community urged the new Onisin to discharge his duties in the best interest of his people, without preference and unite them for the progress of the kingdom.

The new Onisin, who was born in 1949, has been a philanthropist providing financial services for scholarships, community project, employment assistance for the people.

After serving as a Manager at Mafoil Oil And Gas Ltd as well as Mafe Construction Ltd respectively, Prince Mafe steps in as the 2nd Onisin after the call to glory of his predecessor Late Oba Israel Taiwo Adesanya.

Prince Mafe mounts the ancient throne of his forefathers with a great pedigree of experience both in private and public service as well as the traditional institution.

The people of Ogun-Waterside LG prayed that His Majesty’s reign shall be peaceful and attract meaningful development to Ilusin. They called on sons and daughters of Ilusin to give the monarch the necessary support to succeed on the throne. 

While expressing their satisfaction over the choice of the new Onisin, the people of Ogun-Waterside LG added that they  look forward to the completion of the traditional rights and the coronation to formally commence the reign of the new Onisin.

Responding, the new Onisin, who expressed gratitude to the people of Ilusin for finding him worthy of the position, promised to justify the confidence reposed in him.

Prince Mafe promised to operate an open door policy, calling for the support and cooperation of everyone in the Kingdom.

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