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Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Opinion: Isese Day exposes Nigerians hiding under Muslim as their religion 

The crisis between traditional worshipers and Islamic scholars exposed a lot of people we thought were Moslems. It will be very difficult to fight religious war in Yorubaland especially in Ogun state, Lagos State and Osun state with the crowds I saw yesterday online during ISESE FESTIVAL 

If we separate traditional worshipers from Islamic religion and Christianity Muslims are a minority in Yorubaland even Oba of Iwo land in Osun state who said he doesn't want traditional worshipers in IWO LAND before yesterday leave Palace and Iwo Town for Traditional worshipers peacefully (Oba kin sa laafin) and he later send a greetings message via Video on social media to the traditional worshipers and the State governor 

Yoruba indegenours are more unique and accommodating than any region in the world and that is why we are so special and exposed with sounds educational background we can rule the world because we think for ourselves and respect our culture and traditions 

It will be very difficult in a family not to see the mixed religious background we have Christians Muslim and traditional worshipers in almost every family in Yorubaland and we celebrate together peacefully 

In my own mother side and father's side I am the only Muslim while others choose to be a Christians and we celebrate religion together peacefully although all religions are acceptable in the Royal house. If not because I wasn't around yesterday august 20th 2023 I would've been the one champion ISESE FESTIVAL in Igangan Ojuda Rulling house, Baaki Rulling house and Olu-Olo Running house we don't discriminate in Royal house 

I spent over 4m every year to celebrate Ramadan lecture even last year 2022 that I didn't celebrate Ramadan lecture for my personal reasons I spent nothing less than 1.5m and all my brothers and sisters who choose to be christians with those who choose to be traditional worshipers including my Mother who is a Christian always present at the venue every year with their friends Religion is a beliefs and choice

I want to use this opportunity to tell our traditional leaders especially our KING (Oba) not to discriminate in terms of religion and politics whoever that wants to be a king should be ready to accept all Religious KING (OBA) is a Father to everybody in town all the religious and political party including visitors must be acceptable by king as a father is not by age but by the Throne and position

I will also advise my brothers sisters in Islam and Christianity to embrace peace we are all one family in Nigeria but different religions and beliefs 

Kudus to the Aare ona kakanfo of Yorubaland
Kudus to Onirisa of Ife
Kudus to Alake of Egbaland
Kudus to Awujale of Ijebuland 
Kudus to Eleko Oba of Lagos 
Kudus to Olojokoro of Ojokoro
Kudus to Onimeran of meran land 
Kudus to Awujako of Ijako Orile 
Kudus to all Oba of Yorubaland 

Happy Isese festival to all traditional worshipers we shall celebrate many more years

Security Expert
Prince Amb (Dr) Adedipe Dauda Ewenla
Nis DiL Bsc Msc

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