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Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Alleged Imposition: Tension As Ogun Indigenes Suit Against Oba-Elect, McGregor

Alleged Imposition: Tension As Ogun Indigenes Suit Against Oba-Elect, McGregor 

Indigenes of Orile Ilawo in Odeda Local Government Area of Ogun State have dragged the controversial Oba-elect Alex Macgregor to an Abeokuta High Court over alleged imposition.

It was gathered that this development has stalled the selection and seclusion activities. 

It was gathered on Monday that not less than six suits have been instituted against Macgregor over an imposition allegation. 

The claimants averred that the process for the nomination and selection of Macgregor contravened the native law, the custom, and the applicable chiefs law of Ogun State.   

In one of the cases instituted, the plaintiffs are some indigenes of the town, who are challenging the eligibility and qualification of the oba-elect.

In a suit no. AB/789/22, the plaintiffs want the court to disqualify Macgregor who they claim was imposed as Olu of Orile Ilawo-elect over the law-abiding indigenes of the community.

The claimants prayed for an order of perpetual injunction restraining Macgregor from parading himself as the Oba-Elect of the Ilawo clan. 

In another suit, one of the claimants, Dr David Ogunsanya, an Havard trained Professional, who described himself as a son of the soil, emphasized that they are in and ready for the long haul.

In his words, "I am comforted to know that the blood of my ancestors run through my veins. Because that must mean something. I bless the paths our forefathers walked. I bless the paths ahead. I bless our future generations. I bless the seeds they have sown that some of us are now nurturing". 

He prayed for an order of perpetual injunction restraining Macgregor from parading himself as the Olu-Elect or Oba-Elect of Orile Ilawo. 

According to the statement of claims, the plaintiffs avered that it is only the prerogative of the Orile Ilawo Traditional council of Chiefs headed by the Oluwo Iledi Ilawo to nominate and present a list to 4th defendant (Odeda Local government) for the possible selection of warrant chiefs to act as kingmakers to elect one of the credible candidates to fill the vacant stool and not the 4th defendant. 

"The traditional institution has its own ethics, rules, and regulations. The local government is expected to always follow due process. The law is clear on the matter and the notice sent to Ilawo council of chiefs emphasized their role as an observer in the selection and election process. Those in doubt can check a copy of the Chiefs Law and notice sent to Ilawo township to read the relevant sections of the law and notice.

"The truth is that the authentic Ilawo history has been tampered with and mutilated by Alex Macgregor out of unrelentless desperation to become Oba."

In another separate suit, the claimants averred that the grounds of their refusal and rejection of the 7th defendant’s candidacy as the Olu of Orile Ilawo was also premised on the following — he is not an indigene of Orile Ilawo; he does not belong to any Traditional Ruling Houses considered by the Ilawo council of Chiefs to occupy the stool of Orile ILAWO ; he is a complete stranger to Ilawo homestead and progenitors. 

The Orile Ilawo Elders Forum, represented by 94-year-old Pa Ojekunle Ogunsola, called for the complete cancellation of the process that led to the emergence of Macgregor.  

He said, "How can the Oluwo , Balogun, Jaguna, and Lukotun of a clan not be aware of the process that brought up the supposed king-elect? They all have been asked and they all deny being a party to such election or process. "

The Central Council of Orile Ilawo Indigenes headed by Pa Gbade Abati, 83, also called for the cancellation of the same process and permanent suspension of Osi of Ilawo, Chief Anthony Ajani Olufade who had allegedly lied that the core members of the Ilawo council of chiefs knew about the nomination process at Elegunmefa.

Abati said, "Olufade needs to be subpoenaed to give testimony under oath on his role in all of these. He should be punished when and if found guilty of his actions."

Commenting, Chief Olaogun Ajigbotifa, 63, from the community reiterated that, "Orile Ilawo remains the land of our ancestors. Elegunmefa, Ariku, Lerin, and Alagbagba remain one. We all have common blood. We must understand our assignment here on earth; it is a divine call, we are natural inhabitants and deciders of our fate."
Chief Teleola Ariku, 81, who has lived most of her life in Orile Ilawo said, "Our founders never leave our memories for they leave indelible footprints on our minds. They give us reasons to look back and ponder. They give us reasons to look forward with the hope and aspirations to beating their footprints of distinctiveness. Their mistakes are our lessons and the reasons to reason.

"I am old and frail but this is a battle for our ancestors. What I do know is that our ancestors had the pioneering spirit we all seek to emulate, and the odds we face now are probably just a tiny fraction of what they had to confront.

"All Ilawo descendants know each other both at Orile and township. We know Ariku, Sowunmi, Soaga, Soyoye, Sodimu , Adewuyi, Onashola, Ogunsola, Ogunsanya, Abati, Olaogun, etc . Where is this Alien called Macgregor from please?"

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