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Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Old Students, Residents Vow To Donate N50 Milln To Sponsor Wale Bello For Ogun Assembly Seat


Raymond Osho

Alumni of Comprehensive Academy in Lafenwa and some residents of Abokuta North Local Government of Ogun state yesterday pledged to sponsor a former Chairmanship aspirant of the local government, Hon. Wale Bello if he's ready to contest for the House of Assembly seat.

The group which came out in hundreds at the Comprehensive High School, begging Bello to contest the seat, said his representation would bring about the development that people of the local government have been yearning for.

They stressed that their insistence  to have Bello represent them was birthed out of his (Bello) giant strides in Abeokuta north despite not holding any political office.

But Hon. Bello who's the Propitors of Comprehensive High School, in his response, said he could not decide whether to contest or not until he consult political elders within the All Progressives Congress (APC) at the local government.

The former Chairmanship aspirant who disclosed that about six of his colleagues are also aspiring for the same position, said if he heeds the group's call without consultation, his colleagues will feel betrayed.

He said "I have not decided to join the race yet. People came in large number that they want me to join the race but I told them that I was caught unaware. l have to consult people, after all I have fathers and elders in politics who will tell me to go ahead or not so I have not decided to go into the race, I have only received the people's call to run. 

"I have told the people that I am not deciding unless I consult. It will be a betrayal on the part of the six aspirants who have come to me that they want to contest if I decide to run without consulting at the same time, what will be the feeling of this people if I decline. So, I must put these side by side. 

"I appreciate those who said they want to fund the process, that doesn't mean that I don't have the money to spend. i work in Abekuta north and everybody k knows the kind of job I do. Those that I have taught who are my only who my old students are the ones who wanst to fund the it. 

When asked why why (Bello) is reluctant to answer the call, he said, "As far as we are concerned here, Dapo Abiodun second term agenda is our first priority. My aspiration is not the primary, the primary one is that of governor Abiodun. We are going to the market, slaughter's slabs, mechanic villages, to campaign for Governor Abiodun. 

President of the alumni association,  Habeeb White stated that the old students and the residents are ready to donate 50 million naira in one week to sponsor Bello campaign project if he heed their call. 

White argued that there is no other aspirants who as experience and close to the people as Bello. He also said that Hon. Bello is more popular amongst the people than others who are also eying the position.

"For us to have come out to endorse him, it shows that he's popular and he has good relationship with the people. If the people said they want him, then he doesn't have a choice than to contest and as the Alumni body,we are taking our responsibility upon us to sponsor him. it's not about money, it's about people. 

"We don't want his money for the process, all we want form him is to declare intention that he is ready to run. We are ready to raise 50 million in one week for his campaign

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