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Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Having two voter's cards; the cloud is cleared by INEC, OOLG Party Chairman declared

BY: Busayo Adeniji
All Progressives Congress Party Chairman in Obafemi-Owode Local  Government, Hon. Idowu Olude has thrown a weight to the statement credited to OOLG APC Chairmanship Candidates, Hon. Ogunsola 'Lanrewaju that he possesed two voter's cards and attempted age falsification on the voter's cards, therefore expressed strong disapproval of the unverified documents of the occurrence of the attempts by the group.

The APC  party through the party Chairman OOLG, Hon. Olude made this known to the Caveattimes News that the group called "APC Integrity group" is an empty group of know substance that does not only live by the name but parade itself to be unprincipled element of destroyer to the APC party at OOLG which the Party have never seen or recognised in the LG.

"Ordinarily, we would have not reacted to this watery allegations but for the sake of posterity, we make bold to inform the general public that Hon. Ogunsola 'Lanrewaju Adesina followed the due procedure of changing the errors made on his earlier voter's card in line with the provision of opportunity window for Nigeria to correct any mistake made on other cards during registration process which he sworn an affidavit to the effect at the high court.

"Also, anyone who is having related challenges in their voter's card, with date of birth and State or Local Government of Origin can approach Independent National Electoral Commission INEC for possible solutions to validate their genuine information", Hon. Olude stated.

He reaffirmed that as a citizen of Nigeria who does not want to be disenfranchised from performing the civic duties, Hon. Ogunsola bid to obtain another one in June 15, 2017 revalidated the former information given to INEC but to his amaze, INEC did not do anything to delete the former information which was thereafter resurfaced from the incapable and unrecongnizable sort called "integrity unit" described their partisanship as an immoral force of act that want to delibrately stuck his political candidature into mud.

OOLG Party Chairman, Hon. Olude  however, entreated the dwellers in OOLG to distant themselves from that devilish and false group.

He stated that the INEC on its portal has directed the affected residents to begin to log into their website: www.cvr.inecnigeria.org to fill in their complaints, that come July 19, 2021 the INEC will commence to attend to them physically, added that the errors emanated right from the baseline of the registration which have made hands to be on the deck to redress the anomaly in the imputation, explained further that know one should deride or ridicule any personality of errors on his or her voter's card.

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