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Wednesday, March 17, 2021

IPAC South West Slams Boss Mustapha Over Reckless Spending On COVID-19

The Inter-Party Adversory Council, (IPAC), in South West on Wednesday described the Boss Mustapha-led committee on Task Force on COVID-19 as incompetent and reckless spenders. 

IPAC also call on Governors, Federal Govt and stakeholders to support Governor Yahaya Bello on covid-19 vaccines rejection.

To this end, the South West IPAC explained that the Kogi State Government led by GYB has consistently maintained that the issue of covid - 19 is not the priority to the well being of the citizens of the State and in truth, Kogi State has not been any worse for this stand over Covid - 19.

This was contained in a press release signed and made available to journalists by the IPAC chairman and secretary of the IPAC in Ogun state chapter, Comrade Abayomi Arabambi and Prince Tolu Ajayi.

The release indicated that an interview granted on AIT programs JIGSAW by Bar Moses Okezie , the Director General Policy and Strategy to the Governor of Kogi State on the reason why Kogi State under Governor Yahaya Bello has remains resolute against the policies and strategies embarked upon  by  Presidential Tasked Force on Covid -19 led Secretary to the Government of Federation 

Governor Yahaya Bello has demonstrated beyond all reasonable doubts that good and sound leadership demands lots of intellectual dynamism and political activism .

The release read in parts "On this current trending global politics and the generated  National controversies surrounding the purchase by the Federal Government of Covid - 19 Astra vaccines to be paid for by the State Governments , all the arguments of GYB from the the International out- break of the Covid - 19 has all along been so wonderfully thought out , well articulated and intelligently presented but ignored by the other Governments' Leaders in Nigeria."

"First , we are told that even after taking the vaccine, no one is considered immune to the virus , such one  who has taken the vaccine will continue to observe social distancing , keep sanitizing and regularly washing hands and still remain constantly with nose covers, such can be infected and even infect others . By this , the ready question is " what and why would anyone  need the vaccine ?.

Again , at this moment that the Nation is facing very many socio - political challenges , including grave inabilities stunting most economic plans and capacities of every Government in Nigeria , why must Nigerians be burdened further by the enormous costs of this inefficient Astra covid - 19 vaccine that even Astra has abdicated any responsibility for any untoward issue arising from taking the vaccine by anyone legally ?.

The Kogi State Government led by GYB has consistently maintained that the issue of covid - 19 is not the priority to the well being of the citizens of the State and in truth , Kogi State has not been any worse for this stand over Covid - 19.

The GYB led Kogi State Government has now insisted that everyone who decides to take the vaccine will have to complete a form of indemnity because it is not possible for  Kogi as a State to allow her Citizens to be used as Guinea pigs without the provider of the involved vaccine to assume responsibility for whatever consequences that may or may not arise from the vaccine on the vaccinated person.

But the Kogi State Government has not banned anyone from voluntarily taking the vaccine but such person is clearly on his own.

 It is at this point very much meet to recognize Barrister Moses Okezie  who with exemplary clarity treated this issue on AIT jigsaw program . The Barrister , comprehensively with forthrightness and enviable capacity brought to the public the inappropriateness of the mess being grown by the intentional carelessness of the Boss Mustapha led incompetent Committee of reckless spenders .

The barometer of Public opinion is now beginning to suggest that maybe , there is very much more hidden agenda involved in this Boss Mustapha led Committee's transaction with ASTRA.

This is what we in South West Chapter of IPAC recognise as good and very responsible Governance.
 Beyond the above , every reasonable citizen will want the Boss Mustapha led Covid - 19 Committee to explain to Nigerians why it is considered a necessity by his Committee for the Nation to purchase and administer this same vaccine either banned or rejected by other European Nations , even outside Africa with such a huge and frightening tons of money . In fact, we in IPAC South West Chapter insist for an immediate public justification for committing the Nation to the vaccine that practically offers nothing to immunise or cure the virus while the involved Astra has even refused to stand liable for any after - effect of taking the vaccine.

We can not allow ourselves to keep being led like robots by any careless and reckless leaders any more. This is one wastage of resources that will never be allowed to go through . We in IPAC South-  West Chapter are determined to approach the Courts if the Boss Mustapha Committee fail to make a public statement soon to apologise for this totally reckless drive to endanger the lives of Nigerians through this untenable and possible economic ruination being forced on the Treasuries of the unwary and sleeping Governments across Nigeria.

Again , any Government in the South West that fails to reconsider the intellectually and politically corrupt attempt at vaccinating the unwary citizens of South West Nigeria with this potentially dangerous and economically dangerous vaccine will have to contend with the reactions of the South West opposition Political Parties because no Government has a right to use official rascality to endanger the lives of the Citizens.

 Meanwhile , it is put on record that the PMB led Federal Government is consistently appearing to us   like it has completely left Governance at whims of some appointees . This is extremely so sad. It is the dog that is known to wag the tail but the PMB led Federal Government is allowing some very powerful appointees to run the Government as their freedoms.

 We in South West Chapter of IPAC strongly recommend that the other 35 State Governors and FCT should immediately begin to learn to become more efficient and effective by emulating the kind of leadership being exhibited by the dynamic Governor of Kogi State , His Excellency , Governor Yahaya Bello.

 One baffling question is why the Nigerian Federal Government allow ASTRA to sign in the clause that free it of any liability over any adverse effects on people who take the vaccine ?. Again , it is now being suspected that most of PMB'S appointees have now design a way to defraud the federal government with very careless deceptive means ,but they must understand  that for us in  IPAC , South West Chapter , this is an inexcusable weakness in the President's fight against corruption.

We in south west IPAC want to let the Federal Govt knows that there are other Eyes 👀 and GYB is not standing alone on the theme : "common sense and science definitely must work together on the of how covid-19 must be handled, and this must be pursued to a point that the money draining vaccine will be stopped.

 We are saying that Nigerians should stand up and fight this avoidable wastage of our National wealth. The Kogi State Governor should be supported on this vaccine rejection by all Governments in Nigeria and stop this questionable vaccine  transaction with ASTRA.

 Why all the other 35 State Governments  and FCT are playing along is already becoming a great wonder in the minds of the public .

For 70% of the Nigerian population that are required to take the vaccine to be recognised as having been adequately vaccinated translates to US$8 × 175 million , ( 70% of 250million population).

 This is a cost against no gain or advantage since the vaccine neither prevent nor protect or exempt you from the protocols for the pandemic like covering nose and keeping social- distancing, washing of hand and sanitizing.

 Oh God ! why are we like this in this Nation . Nigerians are truly the most deadliest enemies of Nigeria.

 However , we in South West IPAC assure every Nigerian that this official rascality will be challenged in the court and fought to a stop.

 We sincerely thank the very capable Kogi State Governor for his commitment and focus in providing the leadership that is beginning to open the eyes of the people and which will soon influence other currently sleeping Governors and the Religious and Industrial leaders across the Country.

South west IPAC hereby confirmed our interest to partner the Governor of Kogi to further enlightened NIGERIANS about the impending,unprecedented, gargantuan fraud  and monumental deciet been ochestrated in the name of fighting covid-19

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