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Monday, March 15, 2021

Fatgbems Petroleum Management Speaks On Alleged Dispensing water instead of fuel to motorists

Uproar in Ogun State as fuel station in Abeokuta the Ogun State capital has been allegedly dispensing water to motorists instead of petrol.

The incident happened yesterday at Fatgbems filling station located at IBB retail outlet in Oke-Mosan.

The management of Fatgbems petroleum company Ltd has disclosed that it has repaired vehicles of customers affected by a dispense error of its fuel pump on Sunday evening. 

The Brand and Communications manager of Fatgbems, Adeosun Azeez further explained that the company rescue team from Lagos has picked up the affected vehicles for repairs. 

A video was been circulated on social media of how Fatgbems' fuel pump reportedly dispensed water  instead of  petrol to customers. 

In the two minutes video which has gone viral especially on whatsapp also alleged that the filling station was selling fuel at N212 per litre. 

But, the Brand and Communications manager said it was a technical issue from one of its storage tanks. 

Azeez added that the error has been corrected, noting that the technical team will ensure such did not happened in the future. 

He however stressed that the company is committed to offering a quality and reliable service to its customers. 

In his words, "it was incident which is part of business; yesterday we had water filled into one of our storage tanks due to some technical issues. We discovered it came out of the pump which was stopped immediately. 

"We saw that water came out, even few of the cars that the water was put into was stopped, part of it still in the station. We are expecting the rescue team from Lagos to come and pick it for proper redress. We stop sale for that period and we did the evacuation of the tank. 

"For us at Fatgbems company, one of the things we have put so much is product quality and exceptional service delivery. Our customers are not just customers, we are partners and we are making sure that this business grow and keep running. 

"Since yesterday, one of the things we have done is to make sure that we took care of the customers that were affected. Repair their cars and even as we speak, we are still contacting them to make sure they are in order and the plan we also have is to make sure we keep calling them for the rest of the week so as to ensure no issue came up on the car. 

"We are in control of the situation, the cars have been fixed. Most of the customers are in their various destination, but we are still in touch with them. 

"We will have our technical team come on board to ensure that such did not occur. The error in that particular storage tank have been corrected. You can see customers trooping in, we are still going to do a video for the people to actually see that we are selling a quality product and at agreed rate of N165."

Azeez however denied the allegation that the filling station is selling petroleum product at N212 per litre. 

He further said," I want to say that we are not selling at N212 because at Fatgbems, we don't joke with integrity from product to service delivery and everything that surround our operational service"

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