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Saturday, January 30, 2021

Men Who Injected Themselves With Chemical For Big Muscles

A lot of people have done lots of odd things just to become famous and popular, and today CAVEATTIMES would be talking in today's Metro about men who tried to be famous by injecting themselves with a deadly chemical.

These  men wanted to become famous and Popular Bodybuilders so they started to inject themselves with a very dangerous chemical called Synthol, this chemical gave them huge muscles but unfortunately some of them also lost their lives in the process.
Here are the list of the men below

"Kirill Teresa"

Kirill Teresa was a very young and vibrant man who desired to be famous in the World, so in the year 2017, Kirill started to inject himself with a very dangerous chemical called synthol, as a result of the chemical his muscles began to expand, people started praising him and they even nicknamed him as The Hulk man.

Unfortunately, few months after he started to develop several symptoms in his body, so Kirill had to undergo surgery to remove the toxins of the dangerous chemical from his body, fortunately the operation was successful but according to reports, the surgery almost killed him and up till now he is still recovering.

"Beefcake Valdir Segato"

Beefcake Valdir Segato is a very famous and Popular bodybuilder, he hails from Brazil and he is currently 40 years old, Beefcake injected a very dangerous chemical called Synthol into his arms and today his muscles have grown bigger.

According to Beefcake Valdir Segato, he got his inspiration from Schwarzenegger Arnold.

"Romario Dos Santos"

Romario Dos Santos is a very Famous and Popular Bodybuilder, he hails from Brazil, he started injecting himself with Synthol and Alcohol mixture many years ago and his muscles became very big and strong.
Unfortunately, Romario's arm became more stronger that a needle couldn't press through it.

Unfortunately, he had to undergo serious surgery to remove the dangerous Synthol in his arms in the year 2015, and the surgery was successful. Although the surgery was successful he spend weeks in the hospital and he said he heard the doctors talking about cutting off his arms.

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